cherrytree 0.99.24 issued

  • fix crash parsing sqlite node with image (#1337)
  • fix bugs with search time filter (#1381)
  • fix can’t open encrypted .ctx/.ctz file when the filename is renamed (#1383)
  • fix missing copy/cut/paste for tables and codeboxes in right click menu (#1379)
  • fix insert TOC with closing bracket at the end of the headline (#1382)
  • fix Automatically Check for Newer version (#1380)
  • added commandline option -s/–export_single_file for exports to html and plaintext (work of Sylvain Pasche)

cherrytree 0.99.22 issued

  • fixed not saving node properties when only node properties are changed (#1364)
  • fix issue (gitch) pasting tables from clipboard (#1358)
  • added command line switch –new-window (#1339)
  • the rich text tagged monospace is not forced to use a dedicated font anymore – configurable and off by default (#1343)
  • fixed crash when manually generating config.cfg (with BOM) for windows portable
  • fixed issues with portable version not using portable config dir

cherrytree 0.99.20 issued

  • fix cannot save after editing old .ctd File (#1331)
  • fix HTML Interpretation on Paste (#1317)
  • fix PDF export: wrong colours (#1311)
  • fix instead of increasing enumeration on enter, list removed enumeration
  • fix progress bar during search not visible (#1302)
  • fix Microsoft Print to PDF erroneous (#1270)
  • fix pressing enter at the beginning of a non empty list element must not quit the list (#1327)
  • fix pressing enter in middle of numbered list did not update very latest list element if at buffer end without newline
  • fix pasting images with data:image/base64 format
  • last visited nodes are now restored when closing and reopening a document (#1319)
  • file attachments can now be renamed (#1301)
  • symlinks to cherrytree document paths are now resolved

cherrytree 0.99.19 issued

  • the table columns widths are no longer forced equal – modify with right click menu or Ctrl+Period/Ctrl+Alt+Period (#1228)
  • fix search in current node not searching in the current node (#1293)
  • fix rich text monospace tagged text does not zoom (#1264)
  • fix import of plain text file non ascii/utf-8 (new library needed – uchardet)
  • improved undo/redo for codeboxes and tables, restoring cursor position
  • fix visualisation glitches in tables after altering rows/columns (#1205)
  • fix menus have excessive white-space before icons (#1289)
  • support in tables for navigation with Tab and Shift+Tab (#1228) in addition to Ctrl+Arrows
  • removed unnecessary whitespaces from html copy/paste
  • French language updated (Klaus Becker)

cherrytree 0.99.18 issued

  • fix crash when exporting to pdf (#1291)
  • fix freeze/crash when deleting a node (#1285)
  • fix garbled special characters on windows (#1065, #1269, #1245)
  • fix visualisation glitches of anchored widgets at undo/redo time (#1205)
  • fix order for new created nodes (#1263)
  • fix PDF export: paragraph format lost (#1268)
  • fix content missing in PDF export (#1265)
  • fix paste not working on macOS (#1259)
  • fix Keepnote import (#1276)

cherrytree 0.99.17 issued

  • fix visualisation glitches of nodes with anchored widgets (#1205)
  • fix re-inserting Table Of Contents (#1266)
  • protect preferences dialog tab special characters from bad settings causing crash (#1261)
  • bundled default gtksourceview styles to ensure availability (#1272)
  • fix dynamic change of ‘show white spaces’ and ‘highlight current line’ via preferences dialog (#1262)
  • Finnish language updated (Henri Kaustinen)

cherrytree 0.99.16 issued

  • fix crash when exporting to pdf due to missing escape in links (#1239)
  • supports for huge xml files (#1238)
  • fix 0.39 crashes on 0.99 file (#1250)
  • fix ‘Insert Today‚Äôs Node’ not respecting chosen language (#1258)
  • fix windows/msys2 portable and installer missing ssl folder (#1203)
  • windows/msys2 portable and installer removed unnecessary tcl/tk files
  • removed python3-lxml from build dependencies