cherrytree 0.99.41 issued

  • added flip image buttons to image properties dialog (#1791, work of @v31l)
  • rich text tag monospace: added configurability of the foreground colour (#1745)
  • fix incorrect insertion from plain text clipboard of link with pipe char (#1781)
  • fix apply link to image via toolbar button rather than right click (#1782)
  • fix after unmaximise main window, close, reopen -> still maximised
  • fix fullscreen expands the width of tree explorer rather than the editing frame when tree on the right (#1785)
  • fix segfault/crash from exporting imported markdown file with a table (#1790)
  • fix todo lists in ubuntu 18.04 not cycling through available mark choices (#1775)
  • fix print/export to pdf of table columns widths (#1760)
  • print/export to pdf of scalable tags (h1..h6,small) and monospace use configured properties (#1650)
  • node name header font size/family to follow the tree font (#1764)
  • improved table sorting to use not only first column (#1784)
  • improved import from markdown of a table with or without pre/post text (#1790)
  • updated es.po (UserFav)

4 thoughts to “cherrytree 0.99.41 issued”

  1. Wow — download server seriously slow today. @21.0924-1246.53,
    Cannot download 0.99..41 for Windows.

  2. Hi! Thank you for great program!
    In Windows I have one persistent issue with UNDO (Ctrl+Z) – it skips to the very beginning of the note every time after Ctrl+Z… Can you fix it?

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