cherrytree 0.99.42 issued

  • unified search in nodes name+tags and search in nodes content (#513, #1525)
  • fixed search in multiple nodes with the option first from selection/first in all range
  • fixed issue with password protected data extraction on windows and non ascii paths
  • link to node insert/edit dialog, added search for anchor name in the tree (#1572)
  • implemented node property to exclude node and/or subnodes from search (#1096, #1761)
  • applying a colour to foreground/background of text to use default gtk3 palette (#1818)
  • added in preferenced dialog, tab theme, possibility to choose 2 new icon themes (#1766, artwork of @userfav)
  • added option to hide the status bar (#1742)
  • added configurability of selected node’s background/foreground colour in the tree (#1809)
  • tree explorer added view option to show lines connecting the nodes parent-children (#1692)
  • added syntax highlighting for AutoHotkey (work of Chen Bo)
  • added in preferences dialog, tab fonts, buttons to reset the fonts to default values (#1819)
  • at F8/current day node do not visit year/month if already existing, only day (#1796)
  • support for portable mode in non-windows os looking for config/config.cfg beside cherrytree binary executable (#1811)
  • tree sorting menu items: moved siblings only sorting first and after separator sorting whole tree (#1797)
  • added experimantal option menubar_in_titlebar that can be activated in config.cfg, but off by default (#1815)

18 thoughts to “cherrytree 0.99.42 issued”

  1. While the Document Name + Version number is a bit too close to the menu when the menubar_in_titlebar feature is enabled (perhaps if it was right justified it would be better?), there are some really great and welcomed UI and applicaiton features added to this release. Thank you; another fine release with some nice new features.

  2. You are right Michael, the title in the gtk header bar needs adjusting, maybe a user will help me with the right CSS settings

  3. Hi GIUSPEN,

    Version 99.4x is unfortunately not available for OpenSuse.
    I am currently using Alien to create an RPM file from a DEB file.

    Is it possible to use or import own node-icons?
    Maybe in a next version?


  4. Yes. I changed it to the newest version for Windows.
    Thank u GIUSPEN
    | Windows users download again for the switching language issue

  5. Hi great update esp going direct to the current day node – thank you as always for your program.

    One small thing with the combined search box CTRL+SHIFT+F: I used CTRL+T a lot – I’d hit the hotkey, type the search term and hit Enter without looking at the dialog. With the combined search I’m getting used to changing the domain to “content”, “node name and tags” etc but I have to focus to it to ensure its the right way. It would be nice if CTRL+T came back but just brought up the combined search box and preset it to “node name and tags” so you don’t have to change focus when searching.


  6. Is there a quick-n-easy way to get a count of the subnodes of a node?

    I’m mainly interested in the immediate (next level) subnodes but getting a count of all subnodes of a node could be useful also.

  7. Where can I find portable version for Windows with functional CTRL+T? I assume it worked in 0.99.41.
    Missing CTRL+T is an issue for me as I use node names for quick search in topics.
    Thank you.

  8. Using 0.99.43 in Linux; recently saw a little grey icon (with two dots and a dash like eyes and mouth) in front of a node and its sub-nodes.
    I looked in the manual could not find it.
    What does it mean?

  9. The ghost auxiliary icon means exclusions from the search are set for that node. It is a known bug if you didn’t set on purpose on 0.99.43 run search–clear exclusions from search to fix

  10. Hello GIUSPEN. First thank you very much for this awesome tool.

    I do have an issue though. It is impossible for me to highlight text and change font or background color in tables.
    I want to highlight several text in a table, so I highlight it with my mouse, then click on, for example, on the background color symbol, but then I get a warning message that no text was selected, even though it is selected.
    Can you please help? – Thanks a bunch in advance.

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