cherrytree 0.99.43 issued

  • added action under top menu ‘search’ to clear all exclusions from the search; to be run from users finding unexpected exclusions from the search in tree nodes (auxiliary icons of ghosts, #1837)
  • added action under top menu ‘view’ to enable/disable placing the menubar in the titlebar (#1815)
  • unfullscreen doesn’t work with the custom titlebar active (menubar in titlebar), so in this case we can only maximise/unmaximise when fullscreen/unfullscreen is requested
  • implemented under top menu ‘view’ toggle show/hide menubar with default keyboard shortcut F12 (#1849)
  • restored Ctrl+T keyboard shortcut to pop up unified search in multiple nodes dialog with only node name and tags selected (#1829)
  • export to html of code do not use ‘ ‘ – use instead
  • fixed issue of code non syntax highlighted in exported pdf and html
  • fixed wrong line number reported in search all matches dialog
  • added new language Portuguese Portugal (work of Rui Santos)

11 thoughts to “cherrytree 0.99.43 issued”

  1. Hi Guispen,

    Thanks again for your efforts, CherryTree is getting better and better.
    A huge difference with the python version I first started with, comming over from Zim.



  2. Thank you for the restoration of CTRL+T! The most useful notebook out there by far!

  3. Good day.
    The link to a folder in a table cell is not working correctly. The link is not inserted in the selected cell, but in front of the table.

  4. Thank you, giuspen !
    This is probably THE BEST notebook I’ve ever seen!

    Feature request: (*will become a killer-feature [for programmers]*)

    1.In component “Code Box”:
    1.1.Add “Run” icon
    1.2.Add “Results Field” (let’s place it to the ‘east’ of “Code Box”)

    > is a “Run” icon
    * is a “Settings” icon, which has at least that interesting option:
    1. Run this script everytime This Node loads.

    So, Auto-Calculations may be done.
    And other Stuff. Even some Shell Tasks! (just keep sources there)

    {Yes, I agree, that user should be warned about that “potential security risk”-feature}

    But that will bring a lot of flexability to end-user!

    Okay, you might tell me that I should try Junipyter Notebook.. But… With this feature
    (In-Place Scripting) this awesome piece of software will be MUCH cooler.

    If that is too hard, please, could you make ……. these (very simple innovations):
    1.Textfield (addable component, which may be a CodeBox) that is tied to a ‘%filename.txt’ and auto-refreshes its content as long as file changes
    2.Table (there is already an option to Load CSV from file) — could you please make an option to Auto-Refresh and Auto-Save changes to the original file (this option is enabled/disable at Settings Dialog of Table Component)

    Your program UI looks absolutely gorgeous, especially left sidebar, and icons, and margins…. all is super-perfect.

    Your program’s feature “export to PDF” is just amazing


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