cherrytree 0.99.44 issued

  • copy and paste of a file from the file manager to rich text results in the file being embedded/bundled in the document; on linux and mac os, multiple copy is also supported
  • in linux the drag n drop of files from the file manager to rich text also results in the files being embedded/bundled in the document
  • fix info dialog indicating pattern not found when pattern contains ampersand (#1876)
  • fix export to html of multiple nodes, link to node/page not working when using an apostrophe in the node name/page title (#1869)
  • fix export to plain text of multiple nodes with tables and/or codeboxes (#1880)
  • strip trailing spaces action to work also inside codeboxes
  • added new language Chinese Traditional (work of Emer Chen)
  • updated languages: Korean, Turkish, Finnish, Spanish, Russian, Kazakh, German

9 thoughts to “cherrytree 0.99.44 issued”

  1. Hello!

    I use your best editor for my documentation (open source). I suggest une (i think) simple implementation. We can today change color and style of chars in editor (preferences->format). Is a good resource. But is possible link a css stylesheet for make other changes (border, distance, etc)?
    I think is much simple and powerfull for a programmer change the source css and backup this for all settings. What you think?

  2. I’m a bit late to say so (just donated) but thank you so much for developing CherryTree, it’s a wonderful tool. I used it for my MA thesis in 2018 and it made sorting my dozens of analysed sources & notes for the thesis (which passed with flying colours) so easy. I “rediscovered” it now for a fictional writing project and that also works well.

    As a side note, my students (fifthgraders) don’t believe me that this program is not a game 😉 – they spotted the icon in class.

  3. Copy paste files feature!! so happy with this, I really missed it from other similar note taking apps.

    Many thanks!!!!!

  4. downloaded the latest version cherrytree 0.99.44 and the issue still remain as I have already posted in cherrytree 0.99.42 issued.
    Hope there is some help on this. I would really like to be able to format text in tables.

    HAPPY NEW YEAR, btw 😉

  5. Thank you Giuspen, for this beautiful and genuinely ONLY viable Linux OneNote alternative.
    The only thing I still miss are addons, particularly snippets – the ability to store certain text/template and paste it, pretty much how Insert Timestamp works.
    You rock.

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