cherrytree 0.99.45 issued

  • fixed issue with tags in dialog messages introduced in 0.99.44 (#1890, #1897)
  • fix table cell lose focus after deleting row or column (#194)
  • added action to replace tabs with spaces; changed execute code icon to play symbol
  • fixed print/export to pdf of code indented with tabs using always 8 spaces as tab width ignoring the settings
  • fixed print/export to pdf of codebox of plain text to use plain text configured font
  • fixed paste text in codebox with auto resize enabled being left in wrong scrolling position
  • added configurability of existing feature to automatically try to link CamelCase text to a node with the same name
  • in preferences dialog added possibility to search for a keyboard shortcut: just focus the list and type part of the description (#1833)
  • added possibility to disable the auto url link generation as you type – not in preferences dialog yet, look for ‘url_autolink’ in config.cfg
  • changed default keyboard shortcuts for indent/unindent from Shift+Ctrl+’>’/'<‘ to Ctrl+’>’/'<‘ (#1901)
  • fixed import from zim dropping unwanted header data in the imported node; added missing default zim notes folder (#1870)
  • fixed alt access keys in top menu: ensured uniqueness and added missing (#1865)
  • fixed crash on windows only during search on multiple nodes if codeboxes are set to not expand automatically (#1729)
  • fix RTL (Arabic) links not working (#1889)
  • added language Hindi India (work of Paresh Mhatre)

5 thoughts to “cherrytree 0.99.45 issued”

  1. I want to donate from Turkey for your useful software.
    “Donations to this recipient aren’t supported in this country”
    How can i do?

  2. sadly this update broke the shortcuts to move row up and down in tables
    Ctrl + [ and Ctrl + ]

    Please take a look at it.

  3. I understand that you are working on both fixes and improvements, and I have already put in a request for export to OPML. I herein repeat my previous request:

    10 August 2021 at 19:29
    Request for OPML export.

    I have TreePad Business Edition (now an orphaned product) and am happy that CherryTree can import from TreePad .HJT files. However, I need it to 1) either export to .HJT or 2) export to OPML (I can work with either option, however OPML is probably the better one). Alternatively, a utility to create either file would be acceptable.

    I have decided that CherryTree is the best replacement for TreePad, and as soon as you implement either solution, I’m going to switch.

    Phil Hair

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