cherrytree 0.99.40 issued

  • new supported language Croatian (Filip Bakula)
  • language Spanish to 100% (UserFav)
  • updated Korean (Sean Lee)
  • fixed blacklist of action that cannot be part of the configurable toolbar

11 thoughts to “cherrytree 0.99.40 issued”

  1. Request for OPML export.

    I have TreePad Business Edition (now an orphaned product) and am happy that CherryTree can import from TreePad .HJT files. However, I need it to 1) either export to .HJT or 2) export to OPML (I can work with either option, however OPML is probably the better one). Alternatively, a utility to create either file would be acceptable.

    I have decided that CherryTree is the best replacement for TreePad, and as soon as you implement either solution, I’m going to switch.

    Phil Hair

  2. I can’t Donate to you beacuse don’t suport alipay。you can add mind picture in this. thank you share your software.

  3. Thank you for TreePad HJT imports.
    Have found CherryTree to be an excellent replacement to TreePad (Free, SAFE, Business).
    It works directly on Linux, without a WINE jump. Thus changed and very grateful for it.

    Yes, an HJT export would be nice so to allow e-book making, so CherryTree could use
    the Self-reading EXE capability of TreePad. OPML makes no sense, when HJT does.
    It would be a bonus to whom never used TreePad. PDFs do the job meanwhile.

    Priority being signing PDFs, then protecting them from edit (even printing).
    Such is not yet possible… But we consider it prior even to HJT exports.
    Recent 0.99 version for Bionic was a priority MUCH appreciated.

    Thank you for a very good, very welcome Cherry (to top
    our Ice-Creams seen on…

  4. Hello,
    No official Appimage? It would be fantastic, Flatpaks are not for everybody…
    Great thanks for the app, it is a real delight.

  5. On HTML exports: Unlike PDFs… HTML (browsers) trash formatting spaces.
    This result on an Export with traditional quick text tables trashed (when browsed).

    Not a Cherrytree responsibility, but can be solved:
    On HTML export, sequence of spaces can toggle an even space with a space equivalent,
    this way keeping spaces formatting. Naturally, the replacement must have the same size.

    A simple solution, to get from browsers the same visuals applied on Cherrytree documents.

  6. Hi Folks, I am very satisfied with CherryTree but I am missing one thing : free search like in bookmarks where you get the results immediate while you are typing. My database is more or less static but big.
    The current search tools are powerful but with many pages it is not that quick…

  7. Is there a way you can may an outline feature for the TOC, which can be like a floating TOC.
    I can donate as well, so that i can jump within the page .
    Or is it too hard to make ?

  8. Hey Giuspen!
    Thank you for creating and improving Cherrytree! I’ve tried several times to make a donation, but the donate button has not been working for a while.

  9. I just installed Kali and when I click on the Cherry Tree icon it appears in the top menu bar but no window opens. Clicking Cherry Tree a menu opens a menu that reads “Open Windows” (grayed out), “Cherry Tree 0.99.40”, “New Window” and “Quit”. The only option that actually does anything is Quit (it quits tge program). Neither of the other two opens the application. So, what’s up? How do I make it work??

  10. Well, that’s odd….

    I tried it again this morning and it now works. I did absolutely nothing different. Didn’t even power off the laptop; rather, it went to sleep mode overnight. Totally bizarre. Well, I guess this is what we get now that we’ve taught sand to think. 😉

    Looking forward to learning and using Cherry Tree!! Many thanks for the development.

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