cherrytree 0.99.39 issued

  • fixed Menu element icons not always visible (#1410)
  • fixed File links in exported PDF do not work when path isn’t relative (#1749)
  • fixed TODO lists not working in table cells (#194)
  • fixed bug in password protected archives on windows a backslash character in the password was replaced with a slash character
  • fixed issue with p7zip on windows and non ascii characters in document path – p7zip is now using glib (#1736)
  • fixed build with fmt 8.0.0 (#1744, Luca Weiss)
  • when system tray and start hidden on system tray are enabled, load document only after the user clicks the systray icon to show cherrytree (#1751)
  • fixed codebox plain text wrongly using code font instead of plain text font
  • fixed error in translation ru.po

6 thoughts to “cherrytree 0.99.39 issued”

  1. Great program,
    just what I was looking for to keep track order of my activities.

    Excellent customizations

    Thanks for your commitment

  2. Hi. I can´t complete the installation because of a dependency (spdlog). I try to install just that dependency and it returns and error so cherrytree can´t be installed 🙁
    I’m using Manjaro linux

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