cherrytree 0.99.38 issued

  • fix crash visiting node with a corrupted/invalid utf-8 character (#1337)
  • fix crash when trying to insert image from file with format not supported from Glib such as .webp (#1709)
  • fix unwanted characters found after copy/paste (#1687)
  • fix status icon missing / bad rendered in tray (#1703)
  • fixed tree node visibility issue when starting minimised on system tray (#1704)
  • fix link markdown paste broken link (#1714)
  • fix issues with spell check enabled and no languages available (#1718)
  • improved web link recognition (#1713)
  • updated languages Finnish, Korean, Brazilian Portuguese
  • this (gtkmm3) version can now build on older distributions such as debian 10 / ubuntu 18.04

6 thoughts to “cherrytree 0.99.38 issued”

  1. In Russian version, if you check File – Settings:

    “Import Settings” does Export settings
    “Export Settings” does Import settings.

    Translation error.

  2. Backups finally working. Thank you.
    Reason to upgrade on my previous 18.04 Ubuntu based distro too. Thank you.
    The best release ever.

    On the down side, changing nodes become ~2x slower
    (on the net-top with an old CPU). Not complaining, just informing.

  3. @Dutra I’m aware in particular that the new tables are slower (but easier to edit the cells) still I may implement a more lightweight table version for large tables spreadsheet like

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