cherrytree 0.99.48 issued

  • added support for right to left languages in export to html and pdf (#2044, #1668, #698)
  • in order to support the right to left languages in export to html, the resulting html text lines are no longer LINE
    but LINE
  • fixed in export to pdf the link to node+anchor with non ascii anchor name
  • fixed export to pdf broken on windows with links to node/node+anchor and destination not in the pdf (#2045)
  • on windows, export to pdf, fixed links to files/folders; links to non ascii paths are disabled because currently crashing the library
  • improved detection of missing executables required for rendering LatexBoxes. These dependencies are no longer mandatory (#2033)
  • added help to the user to show again a hidden menubar (#1927, #2054)
  • pressing Tab on the very latest table cell now adds a new table line and moves to its first cell
  • fixed issue with relative links to files and folders and documents moved between linux and windows
  • in export to html and txt multiple files, now appending the node id to the file names to support multiple nodes with the same name
  • added syntax highlight support for solidity (#2030)
  • after issues with the domain, the domain changed to and will eventually go
  • work has been done to support an appimage, so the first appimage will be available for download shortly (#2025)

Download from:

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