cherrytree 0.99.47 issued

  • added support for latex math equations (#400)
  • added copy/paste of tree nodes and subnodes between multiple opened files (#1688)
  • restored support for drag and drop of text selection; now rich text content is preserved (#1891)
  • added syntax highlighting for HCL (Hashicop Configuration Language) from @guitarmanvt (#2005)
  • fixed issue at reset toolbar in preferences dialog when menubar in titlebar
  • added few node icons for DevOps tools & technology (#1964)
  • added command line option (-S/–secondary_session) to run in isolation from a possibly already running main instance (#1965)

11 thoughts to “cherrytree 0.99.47 issued”

  1. Is there a way to customize with CSS (or something else) markup tags like H1,H2,paragraph,etc.. ? To add margin, padding, etc.. I checked in Preferences ยป Format, but besides colors, options are somewhat limited in both tags and formatting options. I’ve tried searching for CSS files but I haven’t found anything I could use.

  2. Hi, I recently faced a crash within Cherrytree and now the file doesn’t open somehow. The file was saved as SQLite zipped (.ctx) and suddenly the app crashed, I also forgot to export the same elsewhere. Now when I am checking the file from the directory, I am actually seeing multiple instances of the same file with types as:

    1. CTX! File
    2. CTX~ File
    3. CTX~~ File
    4. CTX~~~ File

    so there is just one file but I don’t know where these other files are from (looks as if the files are unzipped). earlier the file type was (CherryTree SQLite Zipped). I tried to open one of these instances in the 7zip program and the XML document was visible. However, I just don’t know how to put this back into the actual “ctx” format so as to open it within the CherryTree. Anybody, please provide any guidance as I have some really valuable company documents in that file.

  3. Hi Akansh,

    maybe you have resolved your problem in the meantime?

    If you didn’t, just try to rename the files from “yourcherrytreefile.ctx~” to “yourcherrytreefile.ctx”, just delete (all) the ~. In my case these *.ctx~” files are the automatic backups, the more ~ the older the files are. You can check comparing the last modification date. You can change the number of Backups in the Preferences in the last option “Miscellaneous”.

    I’m not sure what the *.ctx! file is, I don’t have that in my backups-list.

  4. Yes, I was able to resolve the issue by renaming the files before I saw your (Martin) reply. As I was afraid that I might lose all my important docs, I forgot to check the comments section here, after I had posted. Thanks, Martin for the reply, as I was not hoping for any responses in this forum, due to the ongoing Russia-Ukraine conflicts as pointed out by gospel.

    However, through your comment, I came to know about the “automatic backups” that I was not aware of. And also, the more “~” in the backups, the older they will be. That’s interesting to know.

    From this point onwards, I have started taking backups regularly. Rather than doing backup on a daily basis, hope to get some kind of “automatic sync” option for the backups, to be added to the Cherrytree, sometime in the future.

    I found this information somewhere, which might be useful for other users of Cherrytree:

    – Users often save Cherrytree documents as “.CTB” files but if they protect them with a password, the documents are saved as “CTX” files. Cherrytree users may also save documents in XML format as “.CTD” files. Password-protected “CTD” files are saved as “.CTZ” files. CTD and CTZ files are useful for saving documents that are smaller in size than CTB and CTX files.
    – CTX files are typically opened by Cherrytree, but they may also be opened by 7-Zip in Windows. If a user opens it in 7-Zip, the password must still be entered before the file can be opened.

  5. Tried to update my older version to .99.47 but the installer (Win64) does not allow me to specify where it should install.

    My previous is on D:\Cherrytree

  6. Hi there, thank you Guispen for this awesome soft, i’m using it everyday at work and home.
    Sorry to hear about war issues you’re facing, I hope you doing well *send cookies*

  7. Thanks Julien, we were able to get the closest relatives out of the occupied territory and then here with us so it is a bit easier; still hoping every day that this insane land steal will stop.

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