Slowing down of the development

Dear friends, I have not been able to contribute much to the project recently because my family is suffering from Putin’s invasion and destruction of Ukraine. I will restart when possible. My wife is Ukrainian, her parents and relatives are, as I write, trying to stay alive underground as Putin’s bombs destroys everything. Please stop this man’s personal war. I do not believe that the will of the Russian people is to exterminate the Ukrainian people.

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  1. Maaan, im so sorry to hear that dude… I wish you the best and be safe, fuck putin and this war

  2. Sorry to hear. Take care. Family is always more important. Thanks for your software. It has made my life so much easier

  3. My grandparents on my mother’s side came from that area.
    I do everything I can to tell people not to listen to Russian propaganda and this is outright unprovoked aggression,

    I hope you and yours stay safe and that we can find a way to close the air space over their heads. No matter what happens the Ukrainian people should be proud of just how much harder this has been for Russia then Putin thought it would be.

  4. Thanks for everyone’s kind thoughts. My wife’s family is well as of yesterday, even though under Russian occupation in the south east, so anything can happen every day. We still keep hoping that Putler will be stopped and the Russians will leave Ukraine. As of cherrytree I will try and release a new version next weekend with in particular latex equations rendering and possibility to copy and paste nodes from different documents.

  5. So I know this is a bad time to be thinking of new features, but have you considered a plugin interface or at least a hacking guide for those of us that are interested in adding features?


  6. much love and support coming from Dallas Texas my brother. Prayers, good energy and love to you.

  7. Thank you for all that you do, and continue to do!!! This app means the world to me and I have used it since I was an IT support minion. I’m now much further on in my career….and age, and continue to utilize your app in conjunction with a cloud repo. It continues to serve me well, I have donated 20 euros for your efforts.

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