x-tile 1.6 issued

• significant improvement in the precision of the tilings, the overlaps adjustments were removed as no longer necessary
• added a whitelist of windows that, when listed, are flagged by default
• improved the retrieval of the window process name in case of python script

x-tile 1.5.3 issued

• added the preferences option “ignore the minimized windows” (thanks Matthew)
• added a filter to not list the sticky windows
• fixed a bug involving the internationalization
• fixed a bug in the debian package for users not using gnome (thanks Stephen)

cherrytree 0.11 issued

• implemented the memory of expanded/collapsed nodes, which is active when the preference option “expand all nodes when loading the tree” is not flagged (thanks Allan)
• implemented the imports from tuxcards and basket, fixed bug in the import from keepnote (thanks Tharsice, Andriy)
• implemented the opportunity to export the selected node and its subnodes as a cherrytree file (thanks Marcin)
• added the Polish language (thanks Marcin*2)