cherrytree 0.20 issued

• fixed several bugs
• preferences dialog: added the option to create a backup copy of the document before saving the new version (before the backup was automatic and mandatory)
• preferences dialog: added the option to autosave on quit (before this option came with the autosave every N minutes)
• implemented the recently opened documents memory and the option to quickly open one of those documents
• added the option for a node to be read only
• implemented the import from leo outliner
• implemented the utilities to copy/cut the whole underlying row
• implemented the visited nodes history with option to go back/forward
• implemented the bookmarks handling
• when exporting tree to html an index.html file is also generated
• the latest picked color for either foreground and background is now remembered (before there was only one memory for both of them)
• removed Galician language support due to translator runaway (many thanks Dario for wasting my time)
• some keyboard shortcuts were changed (trying to be the more standard possible); the keyboard shortcuts are indicated on all menu items

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