cherrytree 0.19 issued

• before saving a new version of the file “file.ctd”, the former version is now backupped as “file.ctd~”
• introduced a new file format “.ctz” which is the “.ctd” compressed and password protected using 7zip (the binary executable 7za). to switch between .ctd and .ctz click the menu item “file–set document protection”.
• implemented the utility to change the case of the selected text/underlying word

cherrytree 0.18 issued

• fixed bugs
• added Galician language
• added the option to specify tags for a node to use when searching for a node; a keyboard shortcut was added to popup the node searching dialog (ctrl+T)
• implemented the export to plain text document (menu export — save node as plain text)
• implemented the import from treepad lite (menu import — from treepad lite file)
• the tree menu functionality was improved introducing submenus
• added the preferences dialog option to display the tree on the right side rather than on the left side (default)
• the cross application copy/paste of a selection now works also for images: try selecting text and images together in your web browser, copy and paste in cherrytree or to select rich text plus images in cherrytree, copy and paste in openoffice
• warning: documents edited with 0.18 cannot be opened anymore with former cherrytree versions

cherrytree 0.17 issued

• fixed bugs (thanks Bernard)
• the copy/paste now works intra application with single images, single codeboxes, single tables (added right click menu items) and a selection of rich text, images, codeboxes and tables
• the copy/paste functionality works also cross application (tested cherrytree exchange with openoffice and gmail) with single images, single codeboxes, single tables and a selection of rich text, codeboxes and tables (images not supported yet in a selection)
• copying a list of files from the file manager and pasting in cherrytree will create a list of links, images are recognized and inserted in the text
• copy/paste a single image from/to the clipboard works fine
• added Czech language (thanks Pavel)
• nodes import: it is now possible to specify where to attach them (thanks Bernard*2)
• tree nodes sorting is now case insensitive (thanks Bernard*3)

x-tile 1.8.4 issued

• fixed bug crashing x-tile
• in case of dual monitor, now the windows that lay on the second monitor are grouped at the bottom of the list and have gray background
• added the package x-tile-ng which has not gnome dependencies and works only without the applet

cherrytree 0.16 issued

• implemented the export to html of a single node / the whole tree
• added in the preferences dialog the opportunity to use bullets as tree nodes icons or to do not use tree icons at all
• implemented the automatic generation of a table of contents for a node based on h1 and h2
• fixed bug in codeboxes print/save as pdf: the code that was not focused was printed without syntax highlighting

x-tile 1.8.2 issued

• implemented the undo tiling feature, with a single click it is now possible to undo the latest tiling operation
• added the Chinese simplified (thanks Khi-yuan)
• the Japanese was removed as no maintainers are available anymore

cherrytree 0.15 issued

• improved the find/replace utility adding the ‘all matches’ option which allows to find/replace all matches at once and list the results
• fixed find/replace bugs
• added the menu item (help–check newer version) and preferences dialog option to automatically check for newer version (thanks Andriy)
• fixed bugs in the import from basket (thanks Christopher)
• fixed bug in the printing of codeboxes bigger than the A4 size (thanks Francesco)
• fixed bug in bulleted and numbered lists
• added the find/replace menu items to right click menus, reorganized some menu items
• when inserting a codebox, if some text is highlighted it will be automatically moved into the codebox (thanks Devon)
• fixed bug crashing the app when closing from top right cross and then selecting cancel (thanks Sven)

x-tile 1.8.1 issued

• updated the French language (thanks Ludovic)
• the Japanese language is obsolete, if anybody can take the responsability to update and maintain it please contact us. if nobody will take care, we’ll soon remove it from the x-tile languages