cherrytree 0.14 issued

• implemented the codebox (opportunity to insert boxes of automatically highlighted text into normal rich text); the print/save as pdf was also updated to support the codeboxes as well
• implemented a right click menu for the images and for the links anchors; furthermore double clicking upon an image or an anchor opens the image or anchor edit dialog
• changed some menus and menu icons
• fixed bugs
• thanks to everybody contributed with their feedback to this (from ukrainian ground) release

cherrytree 0.13 issued

• added german language (thanks Sven)
• fixed bugs (thanks Tharsice, Sven*2)
• added menu items to expand and collapse all nodes (thanks Marcin, Tharsice*2)
• added the import/export of a table as a csv file (thanks Tharsice*3)
• added a keyboard shortcut for the enable/disable system tray docking (thanks Andriy)
• improved the bulleted and numbered lists handling introducing actions on multiple lines when multiple lines are selected (thanks Marcin*2)

nautilus pyextensions 1.2.1 issued

• added japanese language (thanks Toshiharu)
• added all the icons of the default pyextensions to the nautilus-pyextensions installation so that those icons will always be displayed in the list, even though the application which the pyextension refers is not installed or the installed icon for the distribution has a name different than the related application name (thanks Toshiharu*2)

nautilus-pyextensions 1.2 issued

• fixed bugs and improved the retrieval of the icons to be displayed for the pyextensions in the gui list
• refurbished all the pyextensions, improved meld-compare and kdiff3-compare to allow the comparison of files/folders that do not lay in the same directory

cherrytree 0.12 issued

• fixed bug in the link to node: the link did not work if the destination node was hidden/his father was not expanded
• print/save as pdf now supports also the tables
• improved the right click menu for rich text and implemented an automatic selection of
text in case a text formatting was requested with no text selected (thanks Ray, Francesco)
• added the support for images in the import from notecase (thanks Romain)

x-tile 1.6 issued

• significant improvement in the precision of the tilings, the overlaps adjustments were removed as no longer necessary
• added a whitelist of windows that, when listed, are flagged by default
• improved the retrieval of the window process name in case of python script

x-tile 1.5.3 issued

• added the preferences option “ignore the minimized windows” (thanks Matthew)
• added a filter to not list the sticky windows
• fixed a bug involving the internationalization
• fixed a bug in the debian package for users not using gnome (thanks Stephen)