cherrytree 0.99.52 issued

  • moved encryption and backup to a separate thread to improve performance; implemented integrity verification of the document before encryption and backup rotation (#2148)
  • code execution: added new tag to allow placing the code directly into the terminal rather than in a temporary file (#1772)
  • assigned hard coded keyboard shortcut to change codebox properties ‘Ctrl’+'[‘ (#2138)
  • fix import from gnote/tomboy (#2152, #1991, #1686)
  • linux support path links starting with ~/ (#2149)
  • fix paste from gnome-characters in fedora (#2094)
  • using instead of to retrieve the latest version released as some users have issues to access (#2162)
  • added support for typescript syntax highlighting (#2161)
  • updated languages Chinese Simplified, Dutch to 100% (still incomplete ar, el, fi, hi_IN, lt)

Download from:

4 thoughts to “cherrytree 0.99.52 issued”

  1. Hello!

    Very good work, thank you.

    How would it be possible to add customized icons for nodes? (IE, a book, or other countries flags?)


  2. Hi Giuseppe.
    Many thanks for your excellent job.
    I have just one question (suggestion?): is there any chance to get the exported pdf file to contain the nodes hierarchical tree as pdf “bookmarks”?

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