cherrytree 0.99.51 issued

  • fixed loss of transparency with PNGs in some GTK3 themes (#1402, #2132)
  • fixed issue with separator between tree and text not restored when tree on right side and window maximised (#2126)
  • fixed integrated terminal when executing a command for the first time from hidden (not yet instantiated) not passing the command
  • fixed inconsistency between codebox width displayed and printed to pdf with auto expand enabled
  • fixed few dialogs missing the property to be destroyed with the parent causing problem when quit from systray (#2133)
  • fixed crash on windows when printing to pdf long codebox (multi page) including unicode characters
  • dropped support for pandoc as implementation relies on std::stringstream which causes crashes on windows; elsewhere removed usage of std::stringstream
  • fixed import from zim (#1870)
  • fixed issue with integrated terminal show/hide command
  • update language Turkish to 100% (still incomplete ar, el, fi, hi_IN, lt, nl, zh_CN)

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