cherrytree 0.99.31 issued

  • in preferences dialog tab themes there are now two style schemes, one starting from dark colors and one starting from light colors (#1362)
  • a different style scheme can now be selected for plain text and code (used to share the same)
  • implemented ‘format clone’ cloning formatting at cursor which can then be applied with existing menu item ‘format latest’ (#600)
  • insert special symbols changed from having a submenu item per symbol to a dialog listing all the symbols (#1503)
  • added few more icons as selectable as custom node icon (#1514)
  • fix mac os big sur crash when formatting text foreground/background color with RGB not from palette (#1512)
  • removed default global shortcut Ctrl+Delete to delete tree node because overrides text editor standard (#1513)
  • fixed import from keepnote missing images (#1516)
  • preferences dialog, selection of ui language, added flags (#1511)
  • fixed misleading command line argument to export to pdf – the user is expected to pass a directory path, not a file path

8 thoughts to “cherrytree 0.99.31 issued”

  1. Hello,

    Many thanks for the wonderful program, I’m using it every day!

    Previously I have used KeyNote-nf ( ). While CherryTree is way better and feature rich, I do have some feature requests based on KeyNote-nf.

    First, a tabbed interface would be awesome, thereby changing the hierarchical layout to a three-dimensional structure. I have many nested notes, some of them containing hundreds of children, and expending and collapsing all the time is a hassle.
    I can get some of the same clarity by using multiple CherryTree files instead of tabs, but it’s not ideal.

    Second, in KeyNote-nf there is a very useful ability to set an alarm on a particular note. You specify a date and time and optionally a remark, and in the specified time you get a popup with your remark and a link to the “alarmed” note.
    This is very useful for me, as I’m working on many projects simultaneously and can use reminders to get back to an important note when a deadline approaches.

    Finally, there is a concept of a “mirror node”, which is one note linked to another, and one note is automatically updated whenever the other note changes.
    Sometimes the same information is used in more than one project. In this way I can link them all and rest assured that they all stay up to date whenever I have to change something.

    I hope you will consider adding these features, and thanks again for your amazing software.

  2. I am a user and not involved in CT development but I use CherryTree for all my work.
    My personal view is that many of these requests for custom features can be met
    by applying “helper scripts” which can orchestrate CherryTree UI through the command line or CT UI.
    The choice of automation script depends on OS. In other words think of developing a toolchain with CT as part of the toolchain. You can then rapidly toggle into different “profiles”. If you are dealing with hundreds of sub-nodes then a navigator becomes important. Just my view based on current workflows. I sometimes have to scan contents of many CT files scattered through my filesystem.

  3. Why not post this request as “issues” on Github and then discussion can follow on ways to achieve these goals – without further development?

  4. Appears to be an issue in v.99.30 search and Replace. When doing Replace in Current Node and using the Iterated Find/Replace Dialog and First from Selection. The Dialog comes up and lets you click Replace once and then the dialog closed and you need to keep pressing F6 instead. Is this fixed in v.99.31? This works as expected in v.39.4.

  5. Can someone brifly guide me on install the latest 99.32. Currently on Deb-10 running 39.4 and the new 99 is not a .deb so not sure how to install / update. Thanks and this is great program found few months now. Some wishlist are; I) Would be nice if we can have floating text box like OneNote / Basket – this I belive would fill a huge voide in the Linux note app field since Basket is essentially defunct, II) Would like to scroll up and down the tree / nodes using keyboard, III) Would be nice if the insert table had ability to change column width independent of other columns. This is a program I would pay for if neceaasry if these additional features (and others) were incorporated. Not to make it bloated however…

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