cherrytree 0.99.32 issued

  • improved restoring of exact vertical scroll position (#1151)
  • fix iterated find/replace dialog disappearing after first button click
  • more node icons (#1514)
  • fix copy as plain text not working in table cell (#1528)
  • close image resize dialog when pressing enter (#1547)
  • fix crash at find in all nodes before dialog pops up, Windows OS (#1460)
  • improved dialog to select an item in the list focusing the item that was last used (e.g. special characters)
  • in nodes icons cycle cherries colors after reaching a node level superior to the max number of cherries colors (#692)
  • fixed issue with tree on the right side not properly restoring the tree width (#1534)
  • user-* themes are not to be selectable for code, now excluded from the list
  • added support for language ‘elixir’ by @SteffenBauer (#1541)

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