cherrytree 0.99.30 issued

  • moved top menu items ‘Edit’->’Preferences’ and ‘Tree’->’Tree Info’ to ‘File’ menu (#1497)
  • fix Table of Contents not saving (#1484)
  • fix export to pdf crash
  • fix crash when importing CSV file (#1476)
  • fix copy from cherrytree to external app in windows (#1472)
  • improved language selection in preferences dialog (#1496)
  • fix when creating new node/subnode not proposing syntax highlighting of selected node (#1481)
  • insert link dialog to remember/repropose last selection (#1413)
  • new icon for generic code node (@uservaf/Ugo Yak, #1451)
  • fixes to Russian translation from new maintainer Viktor Polyanskiy

6 thoughts to “cherrytree 0.99.30 issued”

  1. Hey,
    Thanks for the Cherrytree program, it seems very well thought out. I would like to report that in version 0.99.30 the change of date and time settings (I changed from the factory values% Y /% m /% d -% H:% M to, among others,% Y% m% d% t% H% M% S ) does not change the format of the date pasted into the note – regardless of the settings, it is always inserted as with the factory settings (e.g. 2021/02/04 – 15:29 in my case).
    Unfortunately, I can’t program, but I can help with testing or translating into Polish – I saw that there are some discrepancies, for example regarding Polish menu entries for switching headers (for H1 and H2 they are similar, and for H3 – different).
    Thanks again for Cherrytree.

  2. Hi Aleksey, if you are available to become the new maintainer of Polish I will send you the language file and explain how to edit it. About the bug how do you paste the timestamp into the note?

  3. I encounter an issue in the last version and it happens in this version. When pasting with CRTL+V, the application will fast close and loose all data prior to the last save. I have this happen on two different Windows 10 machines.

  4. Hi,

    (1) Of course, I can correct the Polish translation, if no programming skills are needed.

    (2) As for the date and time insertion problem, problem solved. It turned out that Cherrytree does not recognize the abbreviation “@% t” (tab character according to the site – at least in Windows 10.


  5. I mean “%t” (without quotation marks of course when used in Cherrytree settings) – sorry for typo.

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