x-tile 1.8.5 issued

• added the opportunity to invert the order of the latest tiling operation (e.g. tiled 3 windows left to right A B C become C B A)
• when doing undo tiling twice now the position of the windows is the same as no undo tiling was called (undo of the undo)

cherrytree 0.20 issued

• fixed several bugs
• preferences dialog: added the option to create a backup copy of the document before saving the new version (before the backup was automatic and mandatory)
• preferences dialog: added the option to autosave on quit (before this option came with the autosave every N minutes)
• implemented the recently opened documents memory and the option to quickly open one of those documents
• added the option for a node to be read only
• implemented the import from leo outliner
• implemented the utilities to copy/cut the whole underlying row
• implemented the visited nodes history with option to go back/forward
• implemented the bookmarks handling
• when exporting tree to html an index.html file is also generated
• the latest picked color for either foreground and background is now remembered (before there was only one memory for both of them)
• removed Galician language support due to translator runaway (many thanks Dario for wasting my time)
• some keyboard shortcuts were changed (trying to be the more standard possible); the keyboard shortcuts are indicated on all menu items

cherrytree 0.19.3 issued

• fixed tree nodes drag and drop bugs
• assigned the shortcut ctrl+K to the deletion of a text row being it already used from other text editors such as geany and nano
• when opening the anchor insert dialog now the cursor is always in the entry text

cherrytree 0.19 issued

• before saving a new version of the file “file.ctd”, the former version is now backupped as “file.ctd~”
• introduced a new file format “.ctz” which is the “.ctd” compressed and password protected using 7zip (the binary executable 7za). to switch between .ctd and .ctz click the menu item “file–set document protection”.
• implemented the utility to change the case of the selected text/underlying word

cherrytree 0.18 issued

• fixed bugs
• added Galician language
• added the option to specify tags for a node to use when searching for a node; a keyboard shortcut was added to popup the node searching dialog (ctrl+T)
• implemented the export to plain text document (menu export — save node as plain text)
• implemented the import from treepad lite (menu import — from treepad lite file)
• the tree menu functionality was improved introducing submenus
• added the preferences dialog option to display the tree on the right side rather than on the left side (default)
• the cross application copy/paste of a selection now works also for images: try selecting text and images together in your web browser, copy and paste in cherrytree or to select rich text plus images in cherrytree, copy and paste in openoffice
• warning: documents edited with 0.18 cannot be opened anymore with former cherrytree versions