cherrytree 0.22 issued

• fixed bugs
• added the right click option ‘paste as plain text’ to the rich text nodes
• added imports from tomboy and knowit
• all the exports (pdf/html/txt/ctd) now offer the options: only current node / current node and subnodes / all the tree
• implemented simple clickable to-do lists

cherrytree 0.21 issued

• fixed bugs
• added links to folders
• added custom action for clicked link to files and folders
• added some customizable properties to the codeboxes
• added fullscreen mode
• implemented the cut/copy/paste of a table row
• tables: pressing arrows up/down switches to former/next cell to edit, pressing return also switches to the next cell to edit
• now multiple instances are allowed and handled
• added the opportunity to sort the whole tree (before it was possible to sort only the siblings of the selected node)
• the find utility now will signal that a pattern exist in a table/codebox moving the focus on the table/codebox but not on the text

x-tile 1.8.5 issued

• added the opportunity to invert the order of the latest tiling operation (e.g. tiled 3 windows left to right A B C become C B A)
• when doing undo tiling twice now the position of the windows is the same as no undo tiling was called (undo of the undo)