cherrytree 0.99.54 issued

  • implemented lightweight variant of tables. large tables visibly slow should use this interface. the change of interface is via table properties (#2140)
  • the number of table cells to use as threshold for defaulting to table light mode is configurable in the preferences dialog (default 25)
  • fixed searching for regexp everything (.*) freeze (#2190)
  • dialog search with regexp, added help button to display reference web page
  • fixed crash when attempting to print on Windows OS (#2066, libcairo-2.dll, msys2/MINGW-packages/issues/15316)
  • dialog all matches improved to show also the node tags and the pattern searched
  • fixed issue with integrated terminal when using zsh as default shell on Mac OS (#2199)
  • integrated terminal shell now configurable in preferences dialog
  • added menu item action to toggle focus between text and integrated terminal with default shortcut Ctrl+Shift+T (#1772)
  • implemented option to keep cherrytree always on top, under top menu ‘view’ (#2145)
  • added menu item action to insert today’s node under the selected node rather than under the tree root (#40)
  • added search dialog option to override search exclusions (#2174)
  • incomplete languages: ar, bg, el, fi, fr, hi_IN, hr, hu, kk_KZ, kk_LA, ko, lt, ru, zh_CN

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2 thoughts to “cherrytree 0.99.54 issued”

  1. More great features, thanks! I’m not sure if this is the place for error reports, or if this update instigated it, but I find my copy function doesn’t work from time to time (a lot) with CT open. I close it and it works again. Tried various copy methods, keystrokes, menu, all the same. Win 11.

  2. Same problem with clipboard on Win 10 with 0.99.54! It is longstanding problem from previous versions.
    To reproduce, you can just play some time with text, copy-paste with Ctrl+C, Ctrl+V. If all works, try to copy selected text with mouse, holding Ctrl. Text will always move, not copy as usual with Ctrl. That’s need to be corrected per se.
    And after that something happens and clipboard don’t work at all – can’t paste with Ctrl+V. Sometimes cherry process even crashed after that…

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