cherrytree 0.99.33 issued

  • fix crash editing keyboard shortcuts on windows (#1559, #1560)
  • fix changing codebox width of codeboxes having width set in percentage (#1556)
  • treat equally return key presses and numeric keypad enter key presses (#1547)
  • fix import from cherrytree file missing dialog asking for parent node (#1562)
  • user-* themes are not to be selectable for code, now excluded from the list
  • added automatic syntax highlighting for the Dart language (#1569)
  • updated Czech language (Pavel Fric)
  • updated Finnish language (Henri Kaustinen)

2 thoughts to “cherrytree 0.99.33 issued”

  1. Hi, thanks for a really cool program, I use it every day. The truth is there is one problem. I sync the base with the cloud and with every new picture, the base gets bigger and it becomes difficult to sync. Partially I found a solution. I make a link to an external folder in which the picture is located:
    Thus, there is no need to reload 130+ megabytes to the cloud, since the folder with photos is already synchronized, and the database itself weighs 3 megabytes. This is rather inconvenient since pictures are not displayed in the text. Is it possible in the future to implement a preview of the image with a link to an external folder?
    So that the picture is in an external folder and is not uploaded to the archive, but displayed in a text document as a window.

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