cherrytree 0.99.49 issued

  • added support for accent insensitive search – when enabled, for example, any of ‘àáâãäåāăąạ’ is equivalent to the ascii ‘a’ (#1981)
  • fixed export to HTML crash – regression introduced with support for RTL languages (#2109)
  • fixed crash on print/export to pdf of a sequence of characters without spaces longer that the page width, such as a very long URL (#2045)
  • fixed bulleted list unindent (Shift+Tab) crash (#2103)
  • fixed tooltip and cursor not reset after hovering link and then navigating to non rich text node
  • added keyboard shortcuts to the toolbar button’s tooltips (#2106)
  • changed non configurable keyboard shortcuts for codebox width and table column width increase/decrease to use parenthesis open instead of backslash (#2113)
  • fixed wrongly entering column edit mode when using keyboard shortcuts with such as insert codebox (#2075)
  • allow to disable the dialog asking for confirmation before executing the code in codeboxes and code nodes
  • fixed crash on double exit from systray icon right click menu (#2114)
  • added command line option ‘–anchor AnchorName’ that in addition to existing ‘–node NodeName’ allows to open a document focusing an anchor in a node
  • added syntax highlighting support for GDScript

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