cherrytree 0.99.28 issued

  • improved performance of tables (#1416, #1427, #1446, #1447)
  • improved sanitisation from bad characters at xml parse time (#1465)
  • fix time filter for find in nodes names and tags (#1453)
  • fix color for selected item in tree not consistent with selected item in menu (#1456)
  • icon theme new save icon and other improvements (@userfav/Ugo Yak)
  • fix config.cfg re-created when symlinked (#1464)
  • support for sqlite database generated with old version of cherrytree, convert at write time not read time
  • fix failed import from zim (#1273)
  • spdlog and fmt libraries no longer bundled but to be installed separately (#1199, #1433, #1458)
  • build optimisation changed from -O3 to -O2 (#1433)
  • new language supported: Bulgarian (Iliya Nikolaev)
  • updated Turkish (Ferhat Aydin)

2 thoughts to “cherrytree 0.99.28 issued”

  1. Sometimes after export to PDF, the PDF file can not be read by Adobe Acrobat Reader. It happens usually when one or more nodes contain a bulleted list.
    For the rest: CherryTree is a marvellous product! Felicitations!

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