cherrytree 0.99.22 issued

  • fixed not saving node properties when only node properties are changed (#1364)
  • fix issue (gitch) pasting tables from clipboard (#1358)
  • added command line switch –new-window (#1339)
  • the rich text tagged monospace is not forced to use a dedicated font anymore – configurable and off by default (#1343)
  • fixed crash when manually generating config.cfg (with BOM) for windows portable
  • fixed issues with portable version not using portable config dir

2 thoughts to “cherrytree 0.99.22 issued”

  1. re: v0.99.22-2
    Formatting … text background/foreground color …. bold, underline, strikethru …. ALL CAUSE CHERRYTREE TO COMPLETELY CRASH.

    I will have to rollback to earlier version.

    Strange … sudden jump from version 0.39 to 0.99

    Uninstalled 0.99.22-2
    Installed 0.99.22-1
    Now formatting works OK.

  2. The same constant CRASHes on formatting with 0.99.22-1. “apt purge” doesn’t help. My OS – Linux Mint 20 (Ubuntu “Focal” codebase). Not sure how to rollback to 0.39 version.

    But, when I run cherryree from the command shell just entering “cherrytree”, all works fine, no crashes. I guess some issue in how it’s started by flatpack from my GUI application menu – it command looks like “/usr/bin/flatpak run –branch=stable –arch=x86_64 –command=cherrytree –file-forwarding com.giuspen.cherrytree @@ %f @@”. Strange, that after series of purge-reinstall of cherrytree there are now 2 links in my application menu – one is described former, and the latter is simple “cherrytree %f”.

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