cherrytree 0.39.4 issued

  • Added powershell code execution support (Paul Sweeney, #785)
  • Fix apostrophe spell check (AyubM, #879)
  • Fix zoom with Ctrl held down and mouse wheel, missing Ctrl release (#940)
  • (Windows OS) Updated all spell check dictionaries and added missing dictionaries for supported languages
  • The Gtkmm3 version is getting more and more stable, currently packaged with version 0.99.2 below this stable release

28 thoughts to “cherrytree 0.39.4 issued”

  1. Hi!
    I made a dumb mistake on pop-os preventing cherrytree from running on background right after config the app to start up on background.
    Could you pleaseeee tell this dumb fast clicker where the cherrytree config file is located?
    Thank you so much 🙂

  2. whooops…
    I didn’t mention the app doesn’t launch because Pop Os is mad about my fast clicks habits…
    Thanks again 🙂

  3. I finally found the proper configuration on pop-os:
    Settings/Applications/Cherrytree and click the “run in background toggle”

    Thanks 🙂

  4. Any update on when the newest version will be available in the PPA? I can’t install it on Linux Mint 20.

  5. You can install the deb package manually of 0.99.x below the stable old 0.39.4; the PPA will come in shortly, maybe already in a week

  6. I have just tried to install cherrytree_0.99.5-1_amd64.deb (ubuntu 20.04) on Ubuntu 18.04 (I know that 20.04 is expected but it is worth trying – I am still on CT 0.39.2).
    However deb installation failed .. missing dependencies.
    Is Ubuntu 20.04 now the starting Ubuntu distro?

  7. If you add the PPA you will upgrade to 0.39.4. For the new Gtkmm3 version instead you will have to upgrade to Ubuntu 20.04 because of library dependencies.

  8. Hi, like many others, really appreciate all the effort that’s gone into this great program.

    I’m also trying to use it on Linux Mint 20.0 (Ubuntu 20.04 base) so have installed the latest 0.99.x version, but the Ctrl-Shift-F (find anywhere) causes an immediate crash of the app. Since that’s normally the first thing I do when opening Cherrytree, that’s a bit of a problem, and makes me cautious about actually editing any of my files in case they become corrupted.

    I’m a software dev myself, so know the kind of issues involved. Nevertheless, any thoughts about how safe it is to use 0.99.x for editing files at the moment?

    Many thanks.

  9. Hi please raise a GitHub issue straight away, I’ll try and reproduce anyway. I’m using the 0.99.x daily and it is generally robust

  10. In reply to: giuspen
    6 August 2020 at 17:56
    Hi please raise a GitHub issue straight away, I’ll try and reproduce anyway. I’m using the 0.99.x daily and it is generally robust

    So, I tried the 99.x against some of the backup versions of my file (~, ~~, ~~~ etc) and there came a point in the past where it worked (i.e. did not crash out without warning).
    I tried the latest stable under Linux Mint 19.x against the *latest* version of my file – again fine!
    So, it appears there is maybe a change in the parsing of the XML that breaks 99.x compared to stable?
    Unfortunately I can’t simply send you my files, but I will try to narrow down what is the difference between backup versions that causes the crash, then I’ll raise a Github issue with the relevant info.

  11. Some tools I have used for debugging:

    Try meldmerge to compare working with non working files.

    Try XMLCopyEditor to check validity of XML files.

  12. Do I lose anything by saving my cherrytree docs as XML (.ctd) vs. SQLlite (.ctb)?

    I have always opted for the default (.ctb) but the XML format would allow the occasional manual edit using a text editor from a system that doesn’t (yet) have cherrytree installed.

    btw I love this product and have been using it for 2 years at least


  13. SQLite is not re-saving everything all the times but only the node(s) you edit so it is faster and safer, both types are complete there is no loss switching

  14. I tend to prefer *.ctd since these files can be parsed. But one related issue I am looking at right now is how to index and search a corpus of *.ctd (xml) files (i.e. dozens of files in a desktop repository). I do not yet see how to index and search a number of *.ctd (xml) using Recoll as the indexing and search tool on Ubuntu.

    I understand that a “helper file” might be needed by Recoll. Any thoughts on indexing multiple *.ctd files using Recoll?

  15. Hi There
    I’ve got a Cherrytree problem (0.39.4) on Ubuntu 20.04 I get an “Error opening directory …. permission denied”

    This happens when I’m trying to add a link to one of the folders on that disk. I’ve checked and the folder is own my myself and is got privileges for everyone to access (777).

    Any ideas?

  16. Thank you so much Giuseppe.

    How can I disable the creation of live links when I paste urls?

    I just want plain text urls, but every time I hit enter, Cherrytree activates the live link again.

  17. hello firstly let me tell you that i loveeeee cherrytree 😁 i used it on linux and now on windows but i don’t know why there is cherryFiles.ctxx~~~files that are created is it normal or i failed the installation? because i always delete them manually

  18. First, let me tell you that I love Cherrytree App. I am using POP OS (Linux) system and I just updated this app to newest version 0.99.22, after update everything works fine except every time I try to format the text using top options, it crashes. I am wondering if anyone else have this issue ?

  19. Hello I am using cherry tree on windows, it just crashed.

    Error Parsing the cherry tree file:
    “Error while adding ts_creation and ts_lastsave to node table: !! dqlite3′ ALTER TABLE node ADD COLUMN ts_creation
    INTEGER’:database disk image is malformed”

    there is any way to recover my data? i have more than 3 months of work there.

    thank you

  20. ALLAN – I just had a very similar problem. I seemed to have had an issue with saving the files and auto-backups – not sure what I did as I have a million windows running and might have mis-clicked somewhere. My solution was – when I looked in File Explorer there were a series of copies;

    Opening these with Notepad, the top one was clearly malformed (and had a timestamp close to the problem appearing), and the others still had my data. Checking the properties for which was the most recently modified I was able to delete the top one and rename the version of my choice as MyCherryFile.ctb. I lost a little bit but no dramas. Hope this is able to sort your issue out

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