cherrytree 0.99.48 issued

  • added support for right to left languages in export to html and pdf (#2044, #1668, #698)
  • in order to support the right to left languages in export to html, the resulting html text lines are no longer LINE
    but LINE
  • fixed in export to pdf the link to node+anchor with non ascii anchor name
  • fixed export to pdf broken on windows with links to node/node+anchor and destination not in the pdf (#2045)
  • on windows, export to pdf, fixed links to files/folders; links to non ascii paths are disabled because currently crashing the library
  • improved detection of missing executables required for rendering LatexBoxes. These dependencies are no longer mandatory (#2033)
  • added help to the user to show again a hidden menubar (#1927, #2054)
  • pressing Tab on the very latest table cell now adds a new table line and moves to its first cell
  • fixed issue with relative links to files and folders and documents moved between linux and windows
  • in export to html and txt multiple files, now appending the node id to the file names to support multiple nodes with the same name
  • added syntax highlight support for solidity (#2030)
  • after issues with the domain, the domain changed to and will eventually go
  • work has been done to support an appimage, so the first appimage will be available for download shortly (#2025)

Download from:

cherrytree 0.99.47 issued

  • added support for latex math equations (#400)
  • added copy/paste of tree nodes and subnodes between multiple opened files (#1688)
  • restored support for drag and drop of text selection; now rich text content is preserved (#1891)
  • added syntax highlighting for HCL (Hashicop Configuration Language) from @guitarmanvt (#2005)
  • fixed issue at reset toolbar in preferences dialog when menubar in titlebar
  • added few node icons for DevOps tools & technology (#1964)
  • added command line option (-S/–secondary_session) to run in isolation from a possibly already running main instance (#1965)

Slowing down of the development

Dear friends, I have not been able to contribute much to the project recently because my family is suffering from Putin’s invasion and destruction of Ukraine. I will restart when possible. My wife is Ukrainian, her parents and relatives are, as I write, trying to stay alive underground as Putin’s bombs destroys everything. Please stop this man’s personal war. I do not believe that the will of the Russian people is to exterminate the Ukrainian people.

cherrytree 0.99.46 issued

  • fixed time created/modified filter on searches for node name and tags (#1858)
  • changed default keyboard shortcuts using Ctrl+Period to Ctrl+Backslash for clash with latest linux desktops (#1942, #1956)
  • fixed restore window position on Windows and dual screen (#1943, fix on gtk3 of Luca Bacci)
  • fixed on Windows copy from codebox and pasting to rich text unwanted additional characters (#1934)
  • export to txt on Windows set expected line endings [CR][NL] rather than [NL]
  • added strip trailing spaces action to rich text right click menu (#1935)
  • fixed issue restoring hpaned tree/text position with tree on the right (#1918)
  • added command line option to pass the password to open an encrypted document (#1965)
  • added language Arabic, work of Mohamed Milodi
  • added language Hungarian, work of Stiener Norbert
  • updated languages French, Russina, Kazakh

cherrytree 0.99.45 issued

  • fixed issue with tags in dialog messages introduced in 0.99.44 (#1890, #1897)
  • fix table cell lose focus after deleting row or column (#194)
  • added action to replace tabs with spaces; changed execute code icon to play symbol
  • fixed print/export to pdf of code indented with tabs using always 8 spaces as tab width ignoring the settings
  • fixed print/export to pdf of codebox of plain text to use plain text configured font
  • fixed paste text in codebox with auto resize enabled being left in wrong scrolling position
  • added configurability of existing feature to automatically try to link CamelCase text to a node with the same name
  • in preferences dialog added possibility to search for a keyboard shortcut: just focus the list and type part of the description (#1833)
  • added possibility to disable the auto url link generation as you type – not in preferences dialog yet, look for ‘url_autolink’ in config.cfg
  • changed default keyboard shortcuts for indent/unindent from Shift+Ctrl+’>’/'<‘ to Ctrl+’>’/'<‘ (#1901)
  • fixed import from zim dropping unwanted header data in the imported node; added missing default zim notes folder (#1870)
  • fixed alt access keys in top menu: ensured uniqueness and added missing (#1865)
  • fixed crash on windows only during search on multiple nodes if codeboxes are set to not expand automatically (#1729)
  • fix RTL (Arabic) links not working (#1889)
  • added language Hindi India (work of Paresh Mhatre)

cherrytree 0.99.44 issued

  • copy and paste of a file from the file manager to rich text results in the file being embedded/bundled in the document; on linux and mac os, multiple copy is also supported
  • in linux the drag n drop of files from the file manager to rich text also results in the files being embedded/bundled in the document
  • fix info dialog indicating pattern not found when pattern contains ampersand (#1876)
  • fix export to html of multiple nodes, link to node/page not working when using an apostrophe in the node name/page title (#1869)
  • fix export to plain text of multiple nodes with tables and/or codeboxes (#1880)
  • strip trailing spaces action to work also inside codeboxes
  • added new language Chinese Traditional (work of Emer Chen)
  • updated languages: Korean, Turkish, Finnish, Spanish, Russian, Kazakh, German

cherrytree 0.99.43 issued

  • added action under top menu ‘search’ to clear all exclusions from the search; to be run from users finding unexpected exclusions from the search in tree nodes (auxiliary icons of ghosts, #1837)
  • added action under top menu ‘view’ to enable/disable placing the menubar in the titlebar (#1815)
  • unfullscreen doesn’t work with the custom titlebar active (menubar in titlebar), so in this case we can only maximise/unmaximise when fullscreen/unfullscreen is requested
  • implemented under top menu ‘view’ toggle show/hide menubar with default keyboard shortcut F12 (#1849)
  • restored Ctrl+T keyboard shortcut to pop up unified search in multiple nodes dialog with only node name and tags selected (#1829)
  • export to html of code do not use ‘ ‘ – use instead
  • fixed issue of code non syntax highlighted in exported pdf and html
  • fixed wrong line number reported in search all matches dialog
  • added new language Portuguese Portugal (work of Rui Santos)

cherrytree 0.99.42 issued

  • unified search in nodes name+tags and search in nodes content (#513, #1525)
  • fixed search in multiple nodes with the option first from selection/first in all range
  • fixed issue with password protected data extraction on windows and non ascii paths
  • link to node insert/edit dialog, added search for anchor name in the tree (#1572)
  • implemented node property to exclude node and/or subnodes from search (#1096, #1761)
  • applying a colour to foreground/background of text to use default gtk3 palette (#1818)
  • added in preferenced dialog, tab theme, possibility to choose 2 new icon themes (#1766, artwork of @userfav)
  • added option to hide the status bar (#1742)
  • added configurability of selected node’s background/foreground colour in the tree (#1809)
  • tree explorer added view option to show lines connecting the nodes parent-children (#1692)
  • added syntax highlighting for AutoHotkey (work of Chen Bo)
  • added in preferences dialog, tab fonts, buttons to reset the fonts to default values (#1819)
  • at F8/current day node do not visit year/month if already existing, only day (#1796)
  • support for portable mode in non-windows os looking for config/config.cfg beside cherrytree binary executable (#1811)
  • tree sorting menu items: moved siblings only sorting first and after separator sorting whole tree (#1797)
  • added experimantal option menubar_in_titlebar that can be activated in config.cfg, but off by default (#1815)

cherrytree 0.99.41 issued

  • added flip image buttons to image properties dialog (#1791, work of @v31l)
  • rich text tag monospace: added configurability of the foreground colour (#1745)
  • fix incorrect insertion from plain text clipboard of link with pipe char (#1781)
  • fix apply link to image via toolbar button rather than right click (#1782)
  • fix after unmaximise main window, close, reopen -> still maximised
  • fix fullscreen expands the width of tree explorer rather than the editing frame when tree on the right (#1785)
  • fix segfault/crash from exporting imported markdown file with a table (#1790)
  • fix todo lists in ubuntu 18.04 not cycling through available mark choices (#1775)
  • fix print/export to pdf of table columns widths (#1760)
  • print/export to pdf of scalable tags (h1..h6,small) and monospace use configured properties (#1650)
  • node name header font size/family to follow the tree font (#1764)
  • improved table sorting to use not only first column (#1784)
  • improved import from markdown of a table with or without pre/post text (#1790)
  • updated es.po (UserFav)