cherrytree 1.1.1 issued

  • fixed regression after one search with replace, all subsequent searches open replace dialog (#2468)
  • fixed regression searching in multiple nodes, only nodes names and tags, not working (#2461, #2408)
  • fixed regression vertical scroll and cursor position of previous nodes not remembered (#2460)
  • fixed regression import nodes from cherrytree not importing anything (#2463)
  • fixed import from cherrytree sqlite document having shared nodes
  • fixed unwanted nodes expansion with auto reload from extenal doc edit and enabled option to show bookmarked nodes at start (#2464)
  • changed default value of option to automatically focus the text at new tree node clicked, from false to true
  • incomplete languages: el, fi, hi_IN, hu

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One thought to “cherrytree 1.1.1 issued”

  1. Noted in 1.1.0
    Drag-n-drop of highlighted text
    Off-by-one problem
    The text does not land at the cursor position. It lands one character to the left of that.

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