cherrytree 1.1.0 issued

  • implemented support for so called shared nodes that all point to the same data – create with right click on node (#1222)
  • improved search in tables and codeboxes to list and select all the instances; replace is also now supported (#2155, #2444)
  • implemented vertical toolbar in codeboxes supporting code exec, code copy, edit properties (can be disabled in preferences)
  • fixed crash when rapidly moving a node in the tree via keyboard shortcuts (#2409)
  • fixed issues with find and presence of anchored widgets (#2444)
  • fixed double click on word in table cell, heavy implementation, not selecting word
  • icon save on toolbar/menu is now greyed out when save is not needed
  • moved some preferences dialog settings from tab ‘miscellanous’ to tab ‘fonts’ that has been renamed ‘interface’
  • added option to allow to override the system setting for scrollbar overlay/auto hide (#2427)
  • added option to allow control of the minimum size of the scrollbar slider (#2427)
  • added options to control the text margins (#2425)
  • added also in preferences dialog option to enable/disable the menubar in titlebar (was already under top menu view, #2443)
  • added also in preferences dialog option to control the size of the toolbar icons (was already under top menu view, #2406)
  • added in preferences dialog enable/disable tooltips on tree, menus, toolbar (#2169)
  • added in preferences dialog control of max search results per page to display in the matches dialog
  • added up to 18 custom user colours in the colour picker palette (#2422)
  • allowing now underneath text selection with search/replace dialog open (#2426)
  • fixed regression in speed when searching in nodes names and tags (no nodes contents) after v1.0.2 (#2408)
  • reset autosave when manually saving; autosave to use a counter so that suspended time doesn’t count (#2120)
  • fixed tooltip on search results dialog, expected to display the node hierarchical name (#674)
  • added ABAP syntax highlighting (work of @marbovo, #2430)
  • added new gruvbox-light, gruvbox-dark style themes (work of Rafael Remigio, #2435)
  • fixed zoom not working with Ctrl+ on english keyboard (key + is on shift)
  • changed 6 default keyboard shortcuts using {,},[,] as problematic on German/Norwegian keyboards (#2423)
  • incomplete languages: el, fi, hi_IN, hu

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3 thoughts to “cherrytree 1.1.0 issued”

  1. Dear Giuspen,

    Using LinuxMint 21.3, MATE 1.26, I noticed a bug that under Insert, the key combinations Shift Alt * do not work: Shift Alt E returns the Edit menu instead of Insert File, the rest of the combinations do not return anything.

    Thank you for developing CT, I have been using it for more than ten years, kind of a computer lifeline:).

    Keep up the good work! Bests, Janos

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