cherrytree 1.0.4 issued

  • fixed crash when displaying search results dialog (#2398, #2399, #2404, #2405)
  • preferences dialog, keyboard shortcuts, now emphasizing with bold the overridden/non default shortcuts (#2397)
  • preferences dialog, keyboard shortcuts, added possibility to reset an individual shortcut to the default value
  • changed default keyboard shortcuts to move tree nodes From Shift+Arrows to Shift+Alt+Arrows as disrupting the functionality of text selection (#2397, #2400)
  • incomplete languages: ar, el, fi, hi_IN, hr, ja, pt

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5 thoughts to “cherrytree 1.0.4 issued”

  1. If i search the data inside the table, the results will not be highlighted and would not jump to that data inside the table. Because most of data are copy from excel. It makes me very time consuming to find the each of data from the table. Please help to solve this problem.
    Cherrytree is a very very good software that i used everyday. I stored hundreds MB of data,pdf,pic,excel, weblink in cherrytree. Your effort makes me save hundreds of hours to search the knowledge in different kind of app, excel, web, outlook……really really thanks
    Happy new year and Merry Christmax

  2. Please consider adding the option to carry over the theme to exporting to html or pdf. I would like the ability to have the pdf better yet the html page to look exactly like my node.

  3. Hi, I have installed a fresh copy of CherryTree 1.0.4 on a new Ubuntu laptop but autosave is not working.
    I saved my previous db as the SqlLite and it does manually import ok as far as I can see.
    However when I have autosave on quit it doesn’t save my changes.
    Autosave also asks me where I want to save it every time which is annoying if it’s set to 1 minute.
    Also, when I start CherryTree, it doesn’t load my db – i have ‘Reload Document From Last Session’ set.

    It’s basically unusable at the moment because I don’t trust it.

    Look forward to your response,
    Regards Steve

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