cherrytree 1.0.3 issued

  • fixed crash when losing access to open document (#2120)
  • fixed crash sorting table (#2391)
  • fixed issues with search/replace and option ‘all matches’
  • fixed corrupted export to pdf on mac os with non ascii links to files/folders (#2388)
  • multi page search results increased default limit 50->500 and configurable in config.cfg ‘max_matches_in_page’ (#2370)
  • changed all the default keyboard shortcuts using Ctrl+Alt for issues on windows with AltGr key (#2341, #2324, #2316, #2124, #2069, #1944)
  • fixed progress bar of search hardly visible on windows (#2373)
  • nodes in bookmark menu to have the correct icon rather the anonymous pin icon (#206)
  • fixed node name in bookmarks menu not updated if node renamed (#2393)
  • export to pdf, now hiding anchor character (#2379)
  • changed codebox border colour with theme cobalt-darkened as hardly visible
  • added option in config.cfg to disable tree, menus and toolbar tooltips ‘tree_tooltips’, ‘menus_tooltips’, ‘toolbar_tooltips’ (#2169)
  • fixed paste of code selection to rich text target adding unwanted newline with
  • fixed issue when changing theme in preferences dialog, style scheme editor, the change was only applied to the current node
  • incomplete languages: ar, el, fi, hi_IN, hr, ja, pt

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