cherrytree 1.0.1 issued

  • fixed overwrite confirmation not working when saving as new multifile storage (#2333)
  • fixed crash on close (#2302)
  • fixed xorg crash / wayland warning caused by popup menus without a parent (#2328)
  • fixed paste content copied from column edit mode not working in codeboxes
  • highlight current text line to be disabled when the text loses focus or when the text is in column mode
  • reverted ‘on windows, paste image from clipboard to take priority over html target …’ causing paste from spreadsheet cells generating a picture instead of a table
  • default keyboard shortcut for increase/decrease table column changed to Ctrl+Alt+> Ctrl+Alt+< as Ctrl+) isn’t working on windows (#2336)
  • added new stock icon light bulb / internet of things IoT
  • added option ‘recent_docs’ in config.cfg to be set to false in order to not remember the recent documents (#2330)
  • incomplete languages: ar, el, fi, hi_IN, hr, ja, lt, pt

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