cherrytree 1.0.0 issued

  • fixed crash when opening node properties (#2304, #2313)
  • fixed blurry output when exporting LaTeX to pdf (#2308)
  • added configurability of the blinking of the cursor in the preferences dialog (#2298)
  • added support for executing ‘rust’ and ‘go’ code in code nodes and codeboxes
  • added 24 new stock icons available to be chosen as tree node icons
  • added menu items under top menu ‘help’ to link to website, source code and bug tracker
  • on windows, paste image from clipboard to take priority over html target containing image so that can work offline (#2303, work of @DaPa)
  • added new language Persian (work of Majid Abri)
  • incomplete languages: ar, bg, el, es, fi, hi_IN, hr, hu, ja, ko, lt, pt, pt_BR, ro, sl, zh_TW

Download from:

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