cherrytree 0.99.56 issued

  • implemented new data storage type: multiple files in hierarchical folder structure (#2123, #1823)
  • the backups for the new multiple files data storage do not contain all the tree but only what has changed
  • all backup files (or folders for the brand new multifile data storage) are now starting with a dot (.name~, .name~~, ..)
  • fixed crash sorting rows of table lightweight interface (#2253)
  • fix export to html of lists (#2276, #2286)
  • fixed recent documents corruption when file is deleted/missing (#2277)
  • fixed on Windows zooming the font reverts the font family to Sans (#2257)
  • click on line number to behave as triple click (select line, #1363)
  • column edit (selection with Ctrl+Alt held down) added clipboard support (#2232)
  • added 37 new stock icons available to be chosen as tree node icons
  • remember last selected custom icon in node properties same as last selected colour (#2185)
  • implemented import nodes from indented list (#1551, #2258)
  • added support for executing java code in code nodes and codeboxes
  • added detection of exclusions from the search hit in the current search and message to the user / how to disable exclusions
  • fixed in flatpak and appimage languages not available (#2270)
  • fixed latex box issue with portable version of cherrytree on windows (#2294)
  • added tooltip with node name when hovering node (#2295)
  • incomplete languages: ar, bg, el, fi, hi_IN, hr, lt, zh_CN

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