cherrytree 0.99.37 issued

  • added configurable option to have bookmarks also under dedicated menu in top menu bar (#1643)
  • added configurable option to show the full node path in the node name header (#1399)
  • new configurable scalable tags h1,h2,…,small – allow partial bold/italic/underline when not configured on (#1633)
  • added preferences file import/export under top menu File–Preferences
  • Help–Open Preferences Directory moved under File–Preferences
  • added dialog listing all available symbols auto replacements (#1659)
  • fix after undo, redo jumps to the top of the document (#1151)
  • fix crash on imports (#1593)
  • fix URL detection doesn’t recognize Tab as a delimiter (#1654)
  • fixed import of text files with extension not .txt on linux (#1656)
  • configurability of log enable/disable + directory in preferences dialog, tab miscellaneous (#1614)
  • fix content in the table can be modified while the node is read only (#1674)
  • fix Shift+Enter able to modify locked nodes with lists (#1640)
  • fix system tray icon on windows not hiding at click (#1631)
  • Ctrl+Arrows in tables disconnected from cells navigation. Ctrl+( and Ctrl+) to navigate Up/Down; Tab and Shift+Tab for navigate Right/Left (#194)
  • assigned keyboard shortcut to move table rows Up/Down: Ctrl+[ and Ctrl+] (#1626)
  • assigned keyboard shortcut to move table columns Left/Right: Ctrl+{ and Ctrl+}
  • preserve print page setup settings between sessions (#1664)
  • spell check enabled also for plain text (#1651)
  • added Romanian language (work of Tudor Sprinceana)

11 thoughts to “cherrytree 0.99.37 issued”

  1. Yes great can’t wait to install it ! I just love your software by the way, seriously the best note taking app I’ve ever tested. The node concept is just amazing, it litteraly changed my life, now I can organise my knowledge much faster and study with ease. Thank you so much !

  2. I really love this programm, but i cant do drag and drop of image

  3. * Feedback, to a better safety *
    Should give important feedback on touchpad induced problems:
    … Drag and drop become dangerous, disturbing, trashing content.
    Either mangling the tree, even mixing text. There’s no undo on Tree changes.
    … Sometimes both both will pass unnoticed. How to turn-off drag-and-drop?

  4. 0.99.37 In this version, when deleting a node, there will be a flashback, which may be caused by the code I copied from other markdown editors. However, I can’t click on this node or delete it.

  5. Thanks for the updating.
    Do you have any plans to launch a web version alongside with an app for smart phones?

  6. A web app means to download the program everytime, unless still con cache. Why would anyone want to be dependent of a connection? Or wish to download it every time? To satisfy a fashionable buzz-word?

    Cannot understand that. Sorry.

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