cherrytree 0.39.2 issued

  • fix very slow node creation (#686)
  • fix Wrong “.” processing in “Replace in Nodes Names” (RegExp mode) (#689)
  • workaround for dead_diaeresis, dead_acute on win32 (#427, #688)
  • fix for table’s cell content lost unless you explicitly press Enter (#700)
  • fix Control/command key deselects (un-highlights) text in table (#699)
  • fix Keyboard shortcuts for sorting do not work (#305, work of @Mammoets)
  • the porting to Gtkmm3 will shortly produce the first testing version thanks to the hard work of Evgenii (@txe)

7 thoughts to “cherrytree 0.39.2 issued”

  1. Can’t wait for teh new version. Thank you, txe, for helping out giuspen so much. The progress has been incredible during the last year.

  2. Really looking forward to the new version. All of my notes are stuck in the previous version that won’t load in Fedora 31 and higher.


  3. I am really curious for the next version… and great that there is a new active developer!!

  4. Hi guys, I found a strange mistake. When the picture is added to the notes, the container becomes larger, but when you delete this picture, the size of the container does not decrease and, apparently, the picture remains in the archive. How to delete these files ?!

    Thanks for the answer, but it’s too hard for me. It would be great if you just make links to external pictures stored in the archive directory. You can insert a link to the picture and it is displayed in the note. This would partially solve the problems with disappearing pictures in the archive body.

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