cherrytree 0.33.0 issued

• added import from html file and folder of html files
• added memory of selected node and expanded/collapsed nodes status for more cherrytree documents, not only the latest used
• added find and replace in selected node and subnodes
• added option in export to html to do not have the links tree in every page but just add a link to the index page at the bottom of every page
• improved export to pdf of documents with large images (automatically re-sized), large codeboxes and large tables (automatically splitted)
• when switching node type from rich text to non rich text, tables and codeboxes are not just dropped but converted to plain text
• added plain text type to nodes and codeboxes; plain text nodes do not have any automatic syntax highlighting, they share the same font with rich text nodes and support all the lists types
• added right click menu to load codebox content from text file and save codebox content to text file
• added right click menu to delete codebox keeping the contained text
• added keyboard shortcut Ctrl+Alt+S to enable/disable spell check
• added preferences option to display white spaces also for rich text nodes
• Ctrl+Tab replaces Ctrl+J for toggling focus between Tree and Text, when the focus is on the Tree also just Tab moves focus to Text
• fixed many bugs and improved functionality

4 thoughts to “cherrytree 0.33.0 issued”

  1. And what version appears task management? This is a very useful function that is for example in zim-wiki.

  2. The problem is that I’m only one and cannot be multiplied 🙂
    Cannot do promises on non trivial features for now.

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